Latin Cafe Is Kid Friendly!

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Kids Menu

12 years or under only, please. Includes one small soda.

Desayuno de Niños (1 huevo, 3 panqueques) Pequeños y Hash Brown o Papas Fritas

Kids breakfast (1 egg, 3 small pancakes, and hashbrowns or French fries).
Sandwich de Queso con Papas Fritas

Grilled cheese sandwich with French fries.
Hamburguesa con Papas Fritas

Hamburger with French fries.
With cheese $6.99
Filetillos de Pollo Empanizado con Papas Fritas

Chicken fingers with French fries.
No substitutions.
Baby Pechuga de Pollo con Papas Fritas

Baby chicken breast Filet with French Fries
Baby Bistec de Palomia con Papas Fritas

Baby Palemia steak with french fries.